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fabGB is the specialist website developer for the steel fabrication industry in Great Britain.
Everything made of metal in our world was made designed and made by a steel fabricator from the metal park bench we eat our lunch on the road signs that help us the cars we drive the supermarkets we get our food from, try for free button the trains we ride on and the even the railway rails all designed and made by steel fabricators.
Steel fabrication is the backbone of British industry and they come under an extraordinary amount of pressure from foreign competition and cheap imports.
We as a company chose to provide support for this sector many years ago and we feel we've brought their marketing (sometimes kicking and screaming) GB map UK into the 21st century and we have a lot of happy customers as a consequence. If you don't believe us phone some up there are links to the right.

So if you are a steel fabricator and want someone to not only make you a website but look after it for you, and if you want to deal with a Yorkshire company with Yorkshire values of Honesty and integrity who will answer the phone when you have questions, then click the button and put your basic contact info in at our central websiteGB.com website

What sets us apart from the rest.

1 We make the website upfront before payment or deposit
The site will including words and pictures, most web developers expect the customer to do the words, we think it should be a collaboration between the developer and the client, so we put some keyword rich words together about your business as a starting point, you can change or replace them, no pressure its free.

2 We are really fast 99% of our customers are online within 24 hours
Our record is 26 minutes from initial call to going online, with most website developers it takes weeks if not months to get a website online, delays waiting for words and images from the customer, slow development methods etc. The website we make for you is ready to go as-is, it will work without any changes and serve you well.

3 Free website changes
Free website changes takes the pressure off getting the site 100% right from day one, Once online the website can be tweaked, pictures added, words changed as and when you have the time for free. You are safe in the knowledge that if something changes you're not going to be charged for changing your website, Having said that we have affair usage policy of about 12 changes per year because it's just not profitable to be making changes more frequently than that.

4 Cheap price for premium quality Our websites work out at less than 3.50 per week which is a similar price to putting a card in the local post office window. Our prices are cheap for 2 reasons: 1. ROI (Return On Investment) Our philosophy is to get your website making far more than it costs so you will stay with us, and the cheaper the site the easier that is to achieve. 2. We are in it for the long term, Companies need someone to look after their website and we would like to provide that service for many years to come.

Why Steel Fabrication?

In order to make a website for a particular industry sector we feel you have to know something about that area of business, I'm not saying we're good a welding but we have taken the time to study the Steel fabrication industry. Having this knowledge means we can put some words and pictures together for that industry whether the company is producing Wrought Iron Gates, Portal frame buildings, Stainless steel balustrades or CNC Punching with a Pullmax 720 and Laser Cutting with a Bystronic Bystar 4.4Kw. we know enough to understand. London is often deemed the heart of metal fabrication for it's industrial might since the mid 1800's. In todays modern global steel industry, London is still a huge player, with companies like Bronzwood London's Metal Fabricatoin Department heading up the design, development and creation of many of Londons iconic steel, iron and metal structures.

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