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"the" Website Fabrication Company

Web names are easier to remember than telephone numbers and fab GB is easier than most

Answer Machine

Do people leave messages on your answer machine? I'm guessing No
Your answer machine message could start with something like:
"please visit our website www..... or leave a message after the tone ...etc."

Having a webiste gives you out of officer hours cover and looks more proffesional


The first thing you should do is visit your website click "tell a friend" and send an email to everyone in your address book.

Create a folder in your email client and start building a list of email addresses of customers and business contacts.

Get into the habit of collecting email addresses from customers, and send them a "Thank you email" to check it's correct.
That way you can contact them all for free informing them of new products and services, business changes etc.
Email is still the most powerful marketing tool on the web.

Paper Media

Every thing leaving your business should have your website printed on it.
that's every box - invoice - letter - compliment slip - estimate.

You don't have to change your stationery straight away, you can print your website when you print the letter - invoice etc, you can create an email signature.

Buy a rubber stamp with your website on they're very cheap.

Vehicles and Buildings

Signage can be expensive but it can be very effective especially for local businesses so it's certainly worth checking out.


It goes without saying everything should point to your website, it's the one place available 24/7 from everywhere on earth, potential customers can see a little about your business and more importantly contact you easily.

Internet Marketing

This can be a bit of a minefield, there are plenty out there willing to take your money, and how expensive they are never ceases to amaze me.

BUT there are literally millions for completely free directories you stick your web name in a little description,

Important Note: I went to a lot of trouble hiding your email address on your website from "spam bots" so don't go adding that email to directories and the like instead create a junk email somewhere and use that one. Remember you are advertising your website NOT your email address.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Twitter Google +1 etc. My personal opinion on this matter is as follows:
There is no doubt in my mind that one day social media marketting will be extremly important But currently it is more applicable to some business sectors than others:

Take Driving Instructors for instance

Ive started driving lessons with (whatever driving School)
OR Yippee I've past my driving test, thank you (whatever Driving School)

These are just the sort of things average facebook users like to "Share"
It can work to generate more business

We provide a Full Stru CAD Build to Design Service and Robotic TIG & MIG Welding
is not and it wont

I'm not saying don't try it I'm saying don't expect too much from it yet. your time would in my opinion be better spent regularly updating a blog on current projects networking with linkedin and traditional marketting.
Or make a Video ! we can upload it to youtube and embed it into your website, and search engines really do like websites with videos on, Content is King

R Robinson. Kane Research Limited.

Marketing is the same as its always been, the world wide web just made it a lot easier!